Aloe 'Rooibok' (Aloe)
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A medium to large, arborescens-type shrubby aloe with attractive silvery-green foliage and bright red flowers in mid to late winter. Drought resistant, evergreen and hardy. Best in a sunny spot.

Name & classification

Botanical name:
Aloe 'Rooibok'

Common names:
Aloe (E)
Aalwyn, Aalwee (A)
Hlaba, Lekhala (SSo)
Icena (Nd)
Imboma (Z)

Plant family:
Asphodelaceae (as-foh-del-AY-see-ee)
- Includes genera Aloe, Asphodelus and Kniphofia

Plant categories:
Cacti and Succulents; Non-herbaceous Perennials



Leaf habit:

1.3 metres

1 metre

Has thorns

Plant shape:
A medium to large arborescens-type shrubby aloe.

Leaf description:
The foliage is an attractive silvery-green

Spine or thorn description:

Flower description:
Abundant racemes of bright red flowers

Flower colour:

Flowering months:


Water requirements:
Waterwise (little water required)

Frost tolerance:

Cold tolerance (°C):

Light conditions:

Other Characteristics

Drought resistant
Suitable for growing in containers
Suitable for hedging
Low maintenance

Edibility & Toxicity

We have no confirmation that any part of this plant is edible
We have no confirmation that any part of this plant is toxic, however we urge caution as this information may be incorrect.


Attracts birds
Attracts insects

Other information

Released in 2006 by de Wet Plant Breeders

Aloe Hybrids for the garden, De Wet Plant Breeders Catalogue (2012)

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