Senecio barbertonicus (Barberton Senecio)
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A succulent bush growing over 2 metres tall and wide with a fleshy trunk, light green, cylindrical, finger-like leaves 5 to 10cm in length and 0.5 to 1cm in diameter, densely packed around the stem and curved at the base to lie parallel to the stem

Name & classification

Botanical name:
Senecio barbertonicus

Common names:
Barberton Senecio, Barberton Groundsel, Succulent Bush Senecio (E)

Plant family:

Plant categories:
Shrubs; Cacti and Succulents; Non-herbaceous Perennials



Leaf habit:

2 metres

2 metres

Flower description:
The fragrant yellow flowers, 1cm wide and 7.6cm long, bloom July through September, are terminal.

Flower colour:

Flowering months:
Jul - Sep

Flower scent:
Sweetly scented

Seed description:
Seeds with a dense tuft of bristles


Water requirements:
Waterwise (little water required)

Frost tolerance:

Light conditions:

Other Characteristics

Edibility & Toxicity

We have no confirmation that any part of this plant is edible
We have no confirmation that any part of this plant is toxic, however we urge caution as this information may be incorrect.


Attracts insects

Other information

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