Echeveria imbricata (Blue Rose)
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Not indigenous to Southern Africa

Highly durable and attractive, this popular Mexican native has tight rosettes of blue-green leaves bearing clusters of red and yellow flowers in spring and early summer.

Name & classification

Botanical name:
Echeveria imbricata

Common names:
Blue Rose

Echeveria glauca

Plant family:

Plant categories:
Cacti and Succulents; Non-herbaceous Perennials; Groundcovers

Name derivation & history:
The genus Echeveria was named to honor Mexican botanical artist Atanasio Echeverría y Godoy in 1828 by the French botanist Augustin Pyramus de Candolle (DeCandolle) who was very impressed with Echeverría's drawings. Echeverría had accompanied the the Sessé and Mociño expedition (led by Martin de Sessé y Lacasta and Mariano Mociño Suárez de Figueroa) while exploring Mexico and northern Central America and had produced thousands of botanical illustrations.



Leaf habit:

Plant shape:
Small, tight rosettes of blue-green obovate leaves that offset regularly forming small mounds.

Leaf description:
Tight rosettes of blue-green obovate leaves.

Flower description:
Branched clusters of red flowers bloom in the spring and early summer.

Flower colour:


Natural distribution:

Water requirements:
Waterwise (little water required)

Frost tolerance:
Semi-hardy (tolerates mild frost for short periods)

Light conditions:
Sun; semi-shade

Other Characteristics

Drought resistant
Wind resistant
Has non-aggressive roots
Suitable for growing in containers
Low maintenance

Edibility & Toxicity

We have no confirmation that any part of this plant is edible
We have no confirmation that any part of this plant is toxic, however we urge caution as this information may be incorrect.


Other information

Uses & Cultural aspects:
Useful as a rock garden plant or groundcover.

Great in containers.

Easily propagated from offsets.

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