Aloe var. Bafana (Aloe)
Plant image

Green leaves and masses of bright yellow flowers on this vigorous grower that has a high resistance to all aloe diseases. Produces copious amounts of nectar and flowers twice a year!

Name & classification

Botanical name:
Aloe var. Bafana

Common names:
Aloe (E)
Aalwyn, Aalwee (A)
Hlaba, Lekhala (SSo)
Icena (Nd)
Imboma (Z)

Plant family:
Asphodelaceae (as-foh-del-AY-see-ee)
- Includes genera Aloe, Asphodelus and Kniphofia

Plant categories:
Shrubs; Cacti and Succulents; Non-herbaceous Perennials

Plant breeder's rights no:



Leaf habit:



Has thorns

Plant shape:
Forms large clusters up to 1.4 metres

Leaf description:
Green leaves

Spine or thorn description:

Flower description:
Masses of bright yellow flowers on tall racemes that produce copious amounts of nectar. Flowers twice a year in early winter and again in summer.

Flower colour:

Flowering months:
May-Jun and Dec


Water requirements:
Little water required, but does best with plenty of summer water

Frost tolerance:
Semi-hardy (tolerates mild frost for short periods)

Cold tolerance (°C):

Light conditions:

Other Characteristics

Drought resistant
Suitable for growing in containers
Suitable for hedging
Low maintenance

Edibility & Toxicity

We have no confirmation that any part of this plant is edible
We have no confirmation that any part of this plant is toxic, however we urge caution as this information may be incorrect.


Interaction with physical surroundings:
This plant produces copious amounts of nectar and seems to attract more sunbirds than any other.
Attracts birds
Attracts insects

Other information

Pests & diseases:
This aloe has a particularly high resistance to all aloe diseases.

Released in 2010 by de Wet Plant Breeders in support of Bafana Bafana, the South African 2010 World Cup soccer team.

Aloe Hybrids for the garden, De Wet Plant Breeders Catalogue (2012)

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